“I started my academic journey ‘crawling’. Now, thanks to Professor Toumey’s skills and patience with me, I’m now starting to ‘walk’ as I’ve been completing my writings and presentations for classwork. I can’t wait to start ‘running’ as I go into my doctoral program. Thank you Professor Toumey for all that you’ve done and are to do alongside me as I enhance my academic skills further!”— Stacey Burch

Words cannot explain how Richard has transformed my life. Richard has the ability to take an assignment and give it life. He would work with me for weeks at a time, helping me to find my voice as a writer. As a student Richard encourages to dream big and make me think about ideas differently. Working with Richard allowed me to accept that it is okay to color outside of the lines. Because he truly believes that each of us were born with the ability to create new ones. Because of him I have the confidence to show up to the next challenge with faith that I will knock it out of the park.” — Chrissy Justilien


“I have known Richard for over 3 years now. He helped me through my Masters and now through my Doctorate program. He worked with me on variety of projects: he helped editing my book, websites, papers, business card, fliers, business Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, PowerPoints and Prezi presentations, writing and submitting abstracts proposals to national and international conferences. I cannot name a project that he would not be passionate and excited to help me with. He even helped me to become better teacher, which is not included in his traditional list of services. Richard is easy to work with. He will take his time to listen your concern on any level of your project. He can even help you formulate what you are trying to do before you can verbally explain exactly what you want. He works with diversity of topics and genuine about helping my colleagues and me who to reach our best potential. I am honored to know him. I will continue to work with him in a future. I strongly recommend his services.— Katia Tikhonravova

Katia T

Richard is a wonderful, energetic and giving professor and editor. He seems to have no bounds with writing material. Clearly he understands academic writing and strategy, and grammar and structure, but his ability goes far beyond that. He has helped me formulate not only countless academic graduate level APA papers, but also presentations galore, plus even marketing and website material when I started my own business. And he teaches me along the way, so that now I am a much stronger writer than ever before. He was my rock through my Masters program, and now even more so into the completion of my Doctorate… that’s five years of work together. He believes in you with constant encouragement and guidance. Especially during the darkest of days of qualitative research papers and capstone projects, lol. I cannot speak highly enough about working with Richard. You’ll love him. I have been honored to work with him, and call him mentor and friend.” — Aprile Andelle